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Embrase - Towards Tomorrow
My 4rd album (t.b.a.).
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Embrase - Creative Momentum
My 3rd album (t.b.a.).
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Embrase - Innovation and Technology for Fluid Control (single)
A project of Pablo Magne and Embrase (2017). Music for a corporate video. Digital artwork coverdesign by Marc Bras.
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Embrase - Journey Through a Soundscape (single)
Teaser for my 2005 album 'Dreamworld'. This track is composed, played and mixed by Marc Bras in 2005. Mastering by Ron Boots. Re-released on 01-02-2018. Art direction, design and photography by Pablo Magne.
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Embrase - Another day, another world
My 2nd album (2013). All tracks composed, played, mixed and mastered by Marc Bras at the ’iStudio’ in the Netherlands and Italy. Art direction, design and photography by Pablo Magne.
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Embrase - Dreamworld
My debut album (2005). All tracks composed, played and recorded by Marc Bras at the ‘iStudio’. Drums on track 6 and 7 by Harold van der Heijden. This album was mastered by Ron Boots. Design, photography and digital artwork by Pablo Magne.
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EM2 is Embrase and Gert Emmens ( The music of EM2 is a combination of fresh sensitive berlin school and contempory emotional melodic electronic music.

EM2 on Groove CD Analogy Volume 2.
Title of the track: ‘where two worlds meet’.
The title of this track is based on the different styles Gert Emmens and Embrase have when composing their solo music.The assignment was to create a piece only using analog equipment. So on Analogy you can hear unique tracks that were specially made for this project. Releasedate: 14 october 2006.


In 2008 Embrase and Gert Emmens made the track 'Mystic Dance'. This track has never been released.